Who We Are

We are a next-gen value investor that invests in the right value at the right time.

We continue to add value with our synergistic activity management and performance tracking culture for a sustainable future while growing our ecosystem through diversified investments and innovative activities.

Investments 116,8

MN USD last 5 years

Exits 32,75

MN USD last 5 years

Who We Are


Our innovative concept is one of creating value.

With our experience and knowledge based on many years and different sectors, we build our sustainability strategy, which is fed by technology and innovation, on strong management.

Our Mission;
To add value to our stakeholders by developing an ecosystem with competitive and sustainable growth potential both at home and abroad, and to represent Türkiye in global markets.

As a company that takes the pioneering attitude of creating value and applies the same approach to its investments our top aim is to build businesses that can scale globally, that can effectively advance along the value-creating path leading to an IPO, and to invest in businesses with similar potential.

With our current investments and the value we contribute to the businesses we invest in, we are coming closer to our target of achieving 1.5 billion USD in market value by 2026.


Our Milestones Since 1998

The story that started with the capital markets

Gedik Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş, which includes Gedik Yatırım A.Ş, is its largest stakeholder. Since its inception in 1998, the company has made numerous investments and exits in renewable energy, agriculture and food, as well as financial services and capital markets.


Gedik Yatırım was founded


Gedik Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş was offered to the public and
started to be traded on the stock exchange.


The trade name of our company was changed to Gedik Yatırım Holding.

Innovation & Technology Vision in Investment

The Holding's incorporation of Gedik Yatırım and the creation of the "StartersHub" structuring, which focuses on consulting and investing in startups operating in the field of innovation and technology, in addition to capital markets and finance, was a critical step.


New Investments

- Gedik Yatırım

- Gedik GSYO



Gedik GSYO -> Hub GSYO StartersHub Brand Formation


StartersHub exit with Right Time Right Value Policy

Distinctive and Continuously Developing Results in 3 Years with the Birth of Inveo

As a Holding, the experiences gained with StartersHub growth and a successful exit afterward, developments in technology and startup ecosystems globally and in our country, strong desire for strong and profitable growth in all areas of operation were shaped in the INVEO brand in 2020 as a nxt-gen (next-gen) value investor.


Next Generation Value Investor
Inveo Yatırım Holding A.Ş.

New formations in the field of Venture Capital

  • Boğaziçi Ventures
  • hiVC

Entry to International Capital Markets;

  • Finveo UK
  • Finveo MN

Investing in publishing

  • Novel Scala


Entry to Banking area

Misyon Yatırım Bank establishment permit

Capital Markets

  • Inveo Portföy


  • Detaysoft

Shared Mobility

  • HOP


  • Finfree
  • BiStock
  • Startup Borsa

Media Technologies

  • Aposto



Misyon Yatırım Bank operating license received

Continuing investments in Capital Markets

Share ratio in Gedik Yatırım %84,87

Structural transformation in the field of Venture Capital

  • Inveo Ventures

Initial investment in crypto assets and DeFi

  • Ichain Yatırım Holding


New Investments

Establishment of Inveo Araç Kiralama Hizmetleri AŞ.


Bodrum and its exit from Aposto.


In accordance with our transparency principle, we share our relevant news and statements

We completed the year 2022, which we started with our motto "New Generation Value Investor", by exceeding our targets.
We completed the year 2022, which we started with our motto "New Generation Value Investor", by exceeding our targets.

As Inveo, we have built our investment strategy on the principles of "Right Time", "Right Value" and "Right Exit" with the understanding of sustainable value creation, which is among our core focuses....

Misyon Yatırım Bankası Obtained Operating Permit from BDDK
Misyon Yatırım Bankası Obtained Operating Permit from BDDK

As a result of the application made to the BDDK, Misyon Bank which has 500 million TL capital received an operating permit as of December 2022.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended INVEOFEST 2022!
Huge thanks to everyone who attended INVEOFEST 2022!

Inveo Yatırım Holding has gathered with its ecosystem; subsidiaries, companies and entrepreneurs invested in, and employees for a summer-end wonderland of in-person event for the first time in 2022.

Finfree Community presented by Finfree
Finfree Community presented by Finfree

To further strengthen Finfree’s aim to make the stock market accessible to everyone as a passive income tool, the company has brought a unique platform to life where they bring together the most...

Scala Publishing’s Brand New e-Learning Platform
Scala Publishing’s Brand New e-Learning Platform

As an international publishing house, Scala Publishing is taking fast and confident steps towards becoming a regional and global player with its ever-developing projects.