Investor Relations

Investor Relations


A successful past with our structure focused on increasing stakeholder value

Thanks to the accurate, regular and easy-to-understand information we provide about all our investments and activities, we establish a relationship of trust with our current and potential investors.

Size Of Assets

As of 2023, Our asset size grew by 8% compared to the previous year.

7,66 Billion TL
Net Profit

As of 2023, Our net profit decreased by 45% compared to the previous year.

1,12 Billion TL
Long Term Financial Investments

As of 2023, Our long-term financial investments grew by 17% compared to the previous year.

7,52 Billion TL

Shareholding Structure

Issued Capital : 240.000.000 TL
Authorized Share Capital : TL

Partners Share Ratio(%) Share Amount (TL)
Erhan Topaç (Grup A)* 0,10 240.000
Erhan Topaç (Grup B) 80,92 194.217.602 
Other Partners 18,98 45.542.398
Total 100 240.000.000
* Each of the Group A shares has 15 (fifteen) votes in the election of the Members of the Board of Directors.


Free Float Rate: % 17,21

Investor Set

You can download our investor kit to get to know Inveo closely.


We aim to continuously increase stakeholder value by adopting a transparent and sustainable management style.

Corporate Governance

We carry out all our activities in accordance with the principles set by the CMB, as well as existing laws and regulations.


Inveo Yatırım Holding was established on March 12, 1998.

Inveo Yatırım Holding shares traded on Borsa Istanbul are traded with the code INVEO.
Inveo Yatırım Holding is included in the following BIST indices: BIST Istanbul, BIST Yıldız, BIST Holding and Investment, BIST Financial, BIST All-100, BIST All.

Shares of Inveo Yatırım Holding started to be traded on the stock exchange as of April 16, 1999.

Its issued capital, which was TL 96,000,000 in 2022, was increased by 150% to TL 240,000,000, fully covered by internal resources. The amendment of the articles of association showing that the issued capital is 240,000,000 TL was registered by the Istanbul Trade Registry on 28 June 2022.

The fiscal year of Inveo Yatırım Holding covers the period of January December, and financial reports are announced quarterly.

You can reach the main fields of activity on the Investments page.