Ichain Yatırım Holding


New breath to the world of
crypto assets and De-Fi

Crypto Assets & DE-FI

Ichain Yatırım Holding

With Ichain Yatırım Holdings, it is aimed to establish a dynamic and versatile ecosystem in the existing areas of Blockchain, Crypto Asset and Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) and new innovative areas waiting to be discovered.

Year of Establishment & Headquarters 2022, İstanbul
Year of Entry into Ecosystem 2022
Shareholding Structure
Inveo Yatırım Holding 100%
Sectors Crypto Assets & Decentralized Finance
Countries Türkiye


Inveo breathes new life into the world of cryptoassets and decentralized finance.

  • Blockchain technology and crypto assets lay the foundation for a new global financial infrastructure
  • Transition to transparent, low-fee, fully automated peer-to-peer finance without any middleman with applications based on decentralized technologies built on blockchain
  • Transactions with a digital wallet without the need for a central application, such as payments, stock market, borrowing, lending, derivatives, insurance, asset management

In short-term plans, the target for the first commercial year in 2023

  • Conducting advanced technologies and R&D studies within Ichain
  • Establishment of a technology company that will develop products and services and will be located in a technopark
  • Making a capital investment in an active-domestic cryptocurrency exchange whose discussions are ongoing