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Scala Yayıncılık

Scala Publishing, also known as Turkey's financial library, offers publications on literature, novels, poetry, early childhood education, and medicine to readers of all ages as well as to the publishing industry.

Year of Establishment & Headquarters 1992, İstanbul
Year of Entry into Ecosystem 2020
Shareholding Structure
Inveo Yatırım Holding 55%
Sectors Publishing Bookstore
Countries Türkiye


In 2020, the paths of Scala Publishing and Inveo Investment Holdings intersected, resulting in a partnership between two organizations with 30 years of combined expertise, one devoted to the growth of capital markets and finance, the other to raising economic and financial literacy.

Combining Scala's primary objective of assisting in the development of financial literacy in Turkey with Inveo Investment Holding's primary objective of bringing all of its subsidiaries and affiliates to a level where they can compete in international markets, it aims to be a major publisher and a well-known bookstore in Turkey and in the nations where it operates, with a focus on business management, finance, and the environment.

Scala was restructured as a publishing and distribution company and launched, one of Turkey's first internet bookstores, with the vision of developing online shopping. Apart from book publications, he continues to work in many fields from journalism to strategic consultancy, from design and production of promotional products to public relations consultancy. It added a new one to its successes by being awarded the "Publisher of the Year" award in the Platinum Business Books Awards in 2021.

Expanding its services in two new areas with the e-book and audiobook categories, Scala Publishing also provides solutions for the needs of corporate companies in the field of publishing with its sponsorship agreements. In this context, special book publishing works were carried out with corporate companies from the financial sector, including Inveo Portfolio and Gedik Yatırım.