Venture capital for
early-stage startups

Venture Capital


hiVC stands by the startups from the idea stage to the exit processes with a holistic perspective on different issues such as developing sustainable business models and increasing global success of startups, developing product-service-technology with the potential to have a disruptive effect in global markets by realizing product-market harmony.

Year of Establishment & Headquarters 2020, İstanbul
Year of Entry into Ecosystem 2020
Shareholding Structure
Inveo Yatırım Holding 9,8%
Gedik Yatırım 56,2%
Magna Ventures 2%
Boğaziçi Ventures 1%
Sectors Capital Markets
Countries Türkiye


Investment Focus

  • Technology-based rapid growth potential,
  • Having a competent and determined founding team that develops products or services that can be scaled globally in its sector,
  • Early stage at idea or low-middle income & metric generation level,
  • startups are the investment focus of hiVC.

hiVC operates with an early-stage venture capital philosophy that connects startups with winning business models and leads them to global successr

  • Creation of ideas, early stage, angel investment, growth, globalization and exit strategies,
  • Providing ecosystem, fast and effective investment, highly effective mentoring, guidance, comprehensive business network and investment support,
  • To support the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem and entrepreneurship culture,
  • Investments are made with the motto of creating winning business models and ensuring continuous cooperation between different players in the ecosystem.


hiVC participated in the first investment round of customer and employee experience platform Cloud4Feed

Cloud4feed, an startup that enables businesses to make customer-oriented decisions with its customer experience solutions, has successfully completed its first investment round with the participation of hiVC.

In 2022, 7 new investments were made by hiVC and 3 new investments were made by hiboost, with a total investment of 25 million TL. The hiVC portfolio includes startups working in different sectors, including analytics, marketing, artificial intelligence, new media, investment services, education technologies, health technologies, mobility and RPA.